The Imaginative Art of Richard Hescox
Cover Art for the Centipede Press Limited Edition of Michael Moorcock's "Sailor on the Seas of Fate"
"The Heart of Atlantis"
"A Gift of Venom"
"Keeper of the Way"
"A Spell at Dusk"
"Moon Spell"
"Into the Shadowlands"
Cover art for the Subterranean Press Limited Edition of George R R Martin's "A Clash of Kings".
"Space Vectors"
"Thuvia and Her Banth"
"The Blue Abyss"
"The Dark Crystal"  Movie Poster Illustration
"Dragon Lord"
"Indiana Jones"
"The Door to Ambermere"
"The Pool of Chaos"
Movie Poster Illustration
"The Fire's Stone"
"Royal Chaos"
"Born to Exile"
"Master of Chaos"
"Towers of Darkover"
"Elric and the Giant Ape"
"The Fall of Winterfell"  from "A Clash of Kings"
  "Theon's Chapter Heading"  from "A Clash of Kings"
Edgar Rice Burroughs'  "Escape on Venus"
"The Thing Behind the Moon"
"Realm of the Ice Queen"
"Taflak Lysandra"
"The Portal Of Dreams"
"The Offering"
"The Dreaming Sea"
"The Fisherman and the Genie"
"Passerby at Sunset"
"March or Die"
"Lords of the Sword"
"Kioga of the Wilderness"
"Red Sun of Darkover"
"Goblin Market"
Socom 3 - Game storyboard
"Aryas Coin"  from "A Clash of Kings"
  "Jon Snow's Chapter Heading" from "A Clash of Kings"

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