A Game of Thrones Prints

 The Imaginative Art of Richard Hescox

"A Clash of Kings"

Illustrations for the Subterranean Press, Limited Edition Book
plus personal paintings
Jon at Whitetree
Daenerys In Qarth
The Dragon Crown
Daenerys in the House of Xaro
Arya in Harrenhal
Tyrion's Next Move
The Manticore
 Limited Edition Prints  -  $75.
- A unique pencil sketch on each.
- Each print signed and numbered.
- Printed on heavy paper.
- Paper size: 11" by 14"

- (Copyright notice does not appear on print image)

5 Print Sets - Your Choice of any 5 images:

Set of 5 prints with a unique sketch on each  -  $300.
Set of 5 prints (signed unlimited - no sketch)  -  $90.

(Shipping inside the US - $10.00 for any number of prints)

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